27 Apr 2018

Have you ever looked at a nook or corner in your house and wondered how you could make it useful? Or
how could you make it add to the décor of the room in a way that says: “Wow!” to your guests, family
and friends?
Custom Cabinetry with a creative designer can produce some amazing results. Years back, I had a very
nice young lady visit me at the office with an unusual request. Her daughter was nearing her sixth
birthday and she wanted to give her something extra special for her birthday. She wanted to transform
her daughter’s bedroom into something her daughter would really like. She had researched her ideas
on line, and looked at all kinds of theme beds and other ideas; but in the end her search failed to
produce anything that really made the statement she was looking for.
So we talked about ideas she liked, and those she did not. Then I suggested a trip to her house to meet
her daughter, and see her room; along with the space we had to work with. Upon meeting her
daughter, it was clear: She played in a fairy tale world with princesses and castles. Therefore I designed
a castle bed for her which was rivaled by none.

This was a complete bedroom set. Two dressers and a tall bookshelf held up the full size bed. The
parapet wall was shaped like a castle top with a smooth edge all around it. The stairs pulled out as
drawers, and small book shelf was hinged so it could swing open as a secret passage. The entrance for
the dressers under the bed was built on the right of the picture and not shown in this picture. The tall
bookshelf on the left went several feet passed the top of the bed acting as a head board and a place to
store books, and other items of her choosing. We had a specialist faux painter put the finishing touches
on, and we had a hit!

Why hire a creative team to design your project? Because Creative people make the difference between
average, and fantastic! Visit your Custom Cabinet Shop and find the designers who bring your ideas and
dreams into a beautiful reality!

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