06 Sep 2017

When it comes to cabinet construction, this topic at first glance may seem a bit like Batman vs Superman. Who would win?  Let’s consider trends: Appliances for example; talk to anybody who sells appliances for a living and they will tell you most appliances built today are built to last about 12 years give or take.  How many of us know that grandma still has a 30 year old refrigerator in her basement that shows no sign of dying anytime soon?

I would think progress (New) would lead us to a time where we could build things better, stronger, longer lasting, and more dependable.  This tends not to be the case; today the engineering is so precise that even bolts are measured to have the minimum strength needed to do the job it was meant for and not much more – cutting corners to save money and boost profits.

Our cabinet company recently purchased a newer but used truck to tow a trailer.  It is F-250 with a diesel motor and lots of power.  We discovered this auto company cut corners by putting in insufficient bolts that hold the engines head in place, and when it is under stress of towing, the bolts literally stretch and cause oil and water to leak in places it doesn’t belong – causing the motor to over heat.  If you own one of these models, you know what I am talking about.  This was a very expensive fix for us; plus we dare not use the dealership to fix it – because they would use the same prescribed minimum strength parts and we would wind up with the same problem down the road.

Which leads to the question is the old way of building things better?  Often time’s older things tend to be over engineered. The result of this usually is longer lasting, less repairs and products that stand the test of time. Maybe the question should be: better for whom?  Cheaper products are better for share holders, but the consumer loses in the end. So if you are an investor, go for the competition; but if you are a consumer, you may want to consider voting with your dollars and purchasing a product that will last.

When competition on price becomes the driving force – the business’s competing are in a race to the bottom to produce the cheapest product that will hold together long enough to leave the shop.  Thus the expression: “Tail Light Warranty” When you see the tail lights of the delivery truck, the warranty is over.

When shopping for cabinetry, you are looking for creativity, beauty, elegance and a product that will stand the test of time.  Find a cabinet builder that builds the way they use to build; Find a cabinet shop not willing to compromise product for price; and you will have found something that will last.

Have a blessed day.

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